I give myself very good advice  But I very seldom follow it  That explains the trouble that I’m always in  –Alice in Wonderland Just a few days ago, I wrote this. For the record, I’m famously indecisive. Some might even use the word “flaky” or “wishy washy.” I’m aware of that personality flaw. I acknowledge it. I accept it. Also, for the record, this is not one of those times. 😀 The… Read More

We lived in Washington state, on the western side of the Sound, for a year. We fell in love in an instant, and those 12 months have changed our lives forever. When we talked about sharing our travel experiences, we knew that when it came to Washington, there was no way we could choose only 5 places for the entire state…not when the eastern side is such a contrast to the western side,… Read More

The Measure of Us

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