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By supporting our Etsy shops, you are supporting our dreams. We are passionately building our businesses with dreams that they will help us fulfill our goal of full time rv life for our family.

Photos are not indicative of what is currently in stock. Check out our shops for current listings.

Tired Axe Supply Co.

Zack and I have teamed up to create Tired Axe Supply Co., a vintage shop specializing in quality tools, books, and photography supplies. You can also find the occasional unique decor items.

tired axe collage

Turquoise Sloth Design

Years ago, I made an animal ragdoll for Explorer Cub. And from that moment, I loved the possibilities that ragdolls and plush animals had. I truly believe that one handmade, hand designed doll or plushie adds magic to any child’s life. Over time, Turquoise Sloth Design will have more great doll and plushie choices.

turquoise sloth collage

Words cannot express how grateful we are for any support given to our etsy shops. We pour our heart and soul into each item while dreaming of future days. Thank you!

The Measure of Us

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