Who We Are

Welcome to Chasing Blackbirds!

We are children of God and completely imperfect. Eclectic homeschoolers. Mostly minimalists with a touch of bohemian and a penchant for hygge. Gypsy souls with a desire to see as much of this beautiful planet as we can. Makers and Etsy shop owners. And friends to strange cats.

This is me:

cb amanda

My name is Amanda. I grew up out west, live in the midwest, but have a gypsy soul. Big time. I spend my days chasing after those 2 rambunctious boys. Creating for my etsy shop. And curating vintage items for my husband’s and mine vintage shop.

I met Zack in high school. He sat a few chairs behind me in Junior History. And we were friends before we dated. We got married young, waited years to have kiddos, and here we are!

This is Zack:

cb zack

Outdoorsy. Adventurous. And husband and father extraordinaire. (That’s my unbiased opinion.)

He has a knack for finding super amazing vintage stuff. Loves to hang out with his boys. And always is ready for the next adventure.

This is Explorer Cub:

cb explorer cub

He’s our firstborn. And he’s pretty darn amazing. (Once again, my unbiased opinion.)

His favorite things to do are playing video games, making YouTube videos for his channel, and chatting with his friend during Roblox game time. He also makes a mean blanket fort.

This is Tiny Timber:

cb tiny timber

One day my husband started calling him that. And even though there was no real reason, honestly, it couldn’t fit him more. Imagine a pint sized human stomping around like a big old lumberjack, yelling and emphatically swinging his fists everywhere. That’s Tiny Timber.

He’s full of spit and vinegar and is quite the character. He may be small for his age, but he makes up for it in personality. LOTS of personality.

And this is Zelda:

cb zelda

You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds? Well, in this case, the camera takes away about 10 pounds. This girl is the definition of fat cat.

We love her lazy ways, her sweet cuddles, and how she takes up half the bed at night. We adopted her when she was 7 years old, and she is the 3rd cat we’ve been lucky to call ours.

Along with Zelda, we also have 2 feisty guinea pigs (Hilda and Bellesprout), and 2 bettas who seem to want to live forever.

And as for the name…

Blackbirds rank at the top of my “favorite bird” list…right below crows, actually. And for the longest time, I felt a bit odd in my preference of birds cloaked in black. After all, if you ask most people what their favorite bird is, they’ll say something like a hummingbird. Or goldfinch. Or even a woodpecker. So I did a little digging. Apart from Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” (which, despite me being a Lennon girl, is one of my favorite Beatles songs), there had to be something.

So I researched the symbolism behind the blackbird. Intelligence. Quick wit. Mystery. And then it made sense…why I was so connected to those birds in black. I have this constant yearning to learn more, see more, explore more. Maybe blackbirds are my spirit animal after all.

The Measure of Us

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