I Got an Instant Pot for Christmas…

And now I can make a list of things I can do with all my spare time.

I get it…you don’t save that much time. After all, you still have to get the ingredients out. Prepare them. Dump them in the pot. Set a few settings. And walk away. You can walk away dramatically with that extra time. Walk away stealthily.

You are, after all, a ninja in the kitchen now.

If you’re a great chef who adores being in the kitchen, this may not apply. But for a person like me, who begrudgingly wishes her husband would either start making waaaayyy more money to afford takeout every morning, noon, and night or wishes that someone would really work on those meals in the capsules like the Jetsons had, the Instant Pot is a life saver.

My husband never gets home at the same time each night. And that really started taking it’s toll on my whole cooking mojo. Not only was I dealing with a big kid who was cranky because he misses Dad and a toddler who was close to his bedtime, but I had no idea when to start dinner each night. Add in the fact that I’m a dreamer by nature and if it’s not on my radar, it’s not going to get done.

Enter: the Instant Pot. I got the food in the pot today around 5. Sometimes my hubby is homes at 6. Sometimes 7. Rarely 5. So I threw it in to give time to come to pressure, cook, and depressurize. And then, I let it sit on the warm setting until my husband walked in the door.

Our nights were so chaotic before. And now? Peace. Pure, blissful peace. Minus the toddler. The only time there is peace from him, it’s when he’s asleep.

So…thank you Instant Pot. (Seriously, no paid sponsorship here. They don’t even know I exist. 😀 )

Here’s my list of things I could do now that I have a little bit of extra time each day:

  • I could actually bake. Something. Anything.
  • I could organize that kitchen junk drawer.
  • I could do one more macrame plant hanger for my etsy shop.
  • I could read a book with my kiddos.
  • I could pet the cat.
  • I could do absolutely nothing. I never get to do nothing. What does doing nothing feel like? I don’t even know anymore.

I’m so excited for the positive impact that this one little thing will have on our family. I know there are moms out there who have no problem planning meals and actually following through with them (I plan like crazy, and do a great job, but I’ve lost the spring in my step in the kitchen. I still cook, but it’s always last minute and there’s no love in it.) I know some moms love to cook and are great at it. But it seemed that the more my plate of life filled, the less I focused on the plates of food around me. I’m thrilled to be able to take a step in the right direction in the kitchen!

Do you have an Instant Pot? If so, please share your favorite recipes!!!!

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